Sir Walter Buffalo Sir Walter Buffalo Sir Walter Buffalo
SIR WALTER BUFFALO, Australian conditions grass

SIR WALTER BUFFALO "PROVEN AS  AUSTRALIA'S FAVOURITE & MOST TRUSTED PERFORMER , it   is a soft leaf buffalo  variety,  it is winter active meaning it doesn,t go dormant in winter, is low thatch, environmentally responsible buffalo turf. Sir Walter Buffalo  was born and bred in Australia under Australian conditions and has excellent drought tolerance compared to other buffalo varieties. Because Sir Walter is winter active, it maintains its colour and does not develop a purple tinge in winter like other buffalo types .Sir Walter Buffalo is suited to  very  shady area as well as sunny positions.Sir Walter is a lush thick  green colour it is the best all round grass for all conditions.Sir Wallter has proven itself in most conditions  being very drought tolerant ,excellent wear tolerance ,is self repairing if some wear does accur .Its LUSH green colour gives any house  a beautiful finish.

CARE : mowing approx every 7-10 days depending on time of year ,water as needed ,fertilise 4 times a year at change of season.

SIR WALTER BUFFALO, Australian conditions grass

Eureka Kikuyu is a very vigorous growing variety , so  it does recover quick  from wear or damage .Eureka Kikuyu retains  its colour during the colder months but does go into dormancy during the winter months . Eureka Kikuyu does suffer from Army Worm Sod/ Web Worm  damage(jan-may) ,as this is one of their main food sources call us for advise at the first sign  of damage .  Eureka Kikuyu Does NOT cope with shady or wet areas as sufferes from root rot in theses areas . Eureka Kikuyu needs  an average 7hrs sunlight .

CARE: High maintenance, needs 1-2 times a week mowing, fertilise at the end of each season, water as needed. Spray herbicides on weeds at the fist site of, call our office for advise.

SIR WALTER BUFFALO, Australian conditions grass


Nullabor is a couch variety that we call the Gardeners lawn ,Nullabor ,as does require some care & maintence on a regular basis to keep it in top notch condition.  Nullabor Couch is a variety of couch that provides good dense coverage , it has a fine leaf  & a lush green colour though  it may lose some colour during colder months as it goes dormant during the winter . Nullabor Couch does well in a home lawn & commercial site & is  strong  & durable . Nullabor Couch is best kept at a lower mowing  height  so as to keep a tight knit root system.Most couch varieties can sturggle with a fungus at different times of the year & in certain sites ,so best talk to our staff as to which variety suits you conditions best. Needs 4 hrs sunlight .

CARE: Mow weekly to keep  a tight knit. Fertilise at start of new season. Water as needed ,a spray programme will be needed to control any weeds that appear annually.