Need some help fixing your lawn here's a few hints Many home lawn problems are due to correctable causes - a few we advise regulary on are;



We recommend to use a slow release fertiliser 4 times a year and try to alternnate fowl manure 2 times a year.  It is advisable to aerate every time you fertilise this helps air circulation to the root areas.
We stock many varieties of fertiliser & additives including Sir Walters "LAWN LOVERS RANGE" and Baileys 3.1.1 blend.



In the hot weather, always mow at the end of the day rather than at the start, and ensure that the grass is well watered after cutting.Never take off more than 1/3 of the leaf when mowing. During an ongoing hot spell, mowing height should be raised to reduced stress and avoid scalping. Ask advise if unsure of mowing heights as each individual lawn has slightly different requirments. Some lawns may suffer from irregular mowing schedule so a problem known as thatch may occur (a brown dead looking layer visable when grass is parted. We suggest to either lower mowing height to remove more leaf (approx half the height of your lawn) then apply a high nitrogen fertiliser and water well to encourage fast grow back(be aware that lawn will look scalped for a week or so till recovers) but new growth will come back healthier ,or a dethatching machine can be hired from a hire shop which achieves the same end result.


Weed Control:

Be aware weeds will grow in any lawn or exposed areas of soil. A seed bank sits in all soils and waits for the right conditions to germinate IE. Preparion of a new lawn or newly laid lawn!

Turf farms use pre emergent sprays to stop the infestation of weeds coming & also post emergent sprays to control in turf crops prior to sale.

All lawns will need regular control methods, as soon as the weed shows up  bring it in to us for help, dont ignore it it wont go away only get worse.

If the infestation is not too bad, the best approach is probably removing them by hand, with a hand tool or a small  chipping hoe or the like this is best done as soon as they appear. If you'd prefer to use a herbicide, make sure it is selective i.e. it kills just the weeds you want to kill.

Did you know some sprays cant be used on a Buffalo, so for best advise we recommend you take a sample to a turf professional to advise how to kill we stock sprays to use on all lawns, or call our office.

The best method is to watch for any weeds  and keep a regular mainenance program to grow a healthy lawn to help choke the  weeds out.


A Site Too Shady:

When choosing a lawn type keep in mind your site and how much sun and shade it gets .A perfect lawn in the shade is usually not very realistic, and options such as Sir Walter  Buffalo is a good choice, we have found that if Sir Walter struggles there usually the site is too shadey for grass. Each site is different, so speak to us about how to achieve the best effect for you.



Watering will depend on each individual lawn ,a shaded lawn wont dry out as easily  a s full sun lawn. We always suggest that a wetting  agent be used on most lawns new or established .These products have  molecules in them that are  designed to swell up and hold moisture when it is applied to the lawn surface ie ,rain or hose.It then releases as the lawn needs .A wetting agent can be applied by a snap on your hose bottle (liquid) or pellet form ,some fertilisers contain these also (BAILEY 3.1.1 plus) is one we stock.
Most lawns require a weekly water to keep healthy, newly laid lawns are different, we advise  to not let the lawn dry out in the 1st 2-3 weeks ( this can be achieved by light frequent waters) NOT saturate as it will only drain away from lawn as no roots have grown at this stage on a newly laid young lawn, after that early stage we advise to SLOWLY drop back on your waterings to longer deeper waters as lawn learns to go and find water in the soils.This is what encourages your lawn to become more drought tolerant and cope in hot periods of the year.


Wrong Grass Selection:

The biggest problem we see is that the wrong turf type is chosen for the area it is being laid in. All turf has its limits, we advise that you really take notice of the area to be laid, watch for how many hours sunlight does the area get, what is it to be used for, wear & tear on area, how much time do you have to spend on a lawn.

How much money do you have to spend as alot of the time the cheaper varieties end up costing you the most. That encourages your lawn to become more drought tolerant and cope in hot periods of the year.


Poor Soil Preparation:

Usually if there is a proplem with growth, in most cases the PH level is out, so work needs to be done to recify the levels, we always suggest  that a new layer of soil (sandy loam) minimum 2 inch/5cm be applied prior to laying so lawn has a great start, some other additive may be needed so talk to us prior to laying your new lawn. We stock the "Lawn Lovers Range" which has products that help get you going.